Types of pasta and when to use them - Spicy pasta (2023)

Italy is the home of pasta. Italian chefs bring this simple yet delicious delicacy to life. Typically, pasta is made with three homemade ingredients: water, eggs, and wheat. Although it looks simple, has a lot of dishes on the menu, and rabbit is a different type of pasta, it is short-sighted. You're probably wondering how many there are.

Types of pasta and when to use them:

Well, we've rounded up the most popular pasta dishes and their dishes. Pasta is also a dish that can be checked by cooking. This means you can use it to create your dishes.

Hare is a quick overview of the 20 most common types of pasta noodles and their uses, and these are really, really delicious.

1. Cappelliniego

Cappellini is also known as pasta with horns. These types of pasta are usually long and round like pasta, but longer than pasta. This noodle is thin but full of carbs. Good for light dishes.

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Angel hair pasta is cooked similarly to pasta, using the ingredients after cooking. Cappellini can be served with a light sauce or cooked in butter. Chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables can be used in this noodle dish.

2. Shells

The shell-like pasta is called conchiglie. They are small and look like snail shells. Shell noodles can also be found in larger sizes. Conchiglie comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. But the small size is widely used.

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With small shells, you can prepare famous dishes such as pasta, salads, ham, shell salad and much more. Usually people use small shells for salads and large shells for stuffed pasta. Poultry ham can be used to stuff large shells.

3. Butterfly

Farfalle is known as bow tie pasta because it resembles a bow tie in appearance. Small and tasty, the delicate noodles are perfect as a soup bowl.

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Farfalle is a portion of pasta that is one of the most popular because of its versatility. The best is a combination of tomato sauce, cream sauce and farfar sauce. You can use a different sauce if you want. Olive oil is the best cooking oil for this pasta. In addition, with this pasta you can recreate dishes.

4. Kebab rolls

Tubular pasta called cannelloni, this pasta is for those who like stuffed pasta. It can be boiled or baked. This pasta has a smooth surface and is delicious to eat.

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Since stuffed pasta was introduced with cannelloni pasta, all kinds of fillings are suitable for this pasta. Cheese works great as a filling. As a filling, you can use minced chicken and mutton.

5. Fettuccine

This pasta looks like ribbons, is long and flat. The width of this pasta is less than 3 mm. Linguine and fettuccine are wider than this pasta.

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This pasta is ideal for classic dishes as it is firmer and wider than regular flat pasta. A thick sauce goes well with this pasta, as do other sauces. You can add any type of meat to this pasta.

6. Lasagne

Lasagne is a type of pasta that looks like a thin sheet with ribbed edges. They are wide and rubbery. This makes it ideal for dishes from a bowl. So if you like noodles with broth, you might want to try lasagna.

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We can prepare it in the form of a bow with broth. You can prepare a variety of bouillons to your liking, such as spiced bouillons, cream bouillons, and more. And if you like meat, you can also eat a small portion of meat.

7. Pasta

In the past, pasta was an all-time favourite. They look like bent pipes. They are soft and fluffy, so they taste best with cream and cheese.

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The best combination is cheese and pasta. It is part of a heavy meal, rich in carbohydrates and cheese, providing energy. In addition, tomato sauce and cream can also be used to prepare appetizing dishes.

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8. Sleeves

Manicotti is a large tube of pasta with ridges on the edges. You can make stuffed pasta from this pasta. It tastes best with tomato sauce.

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Large pasta tubes have an empty space inside that can be filled with various fillings, such as crumbled chicken with mayonnaise. You can also add vegetables and sausage, then cook the pasta in tomato sauce for the perfect baked penne.

9. Lasagne

These are elongated noodles, which can also be called ribbon noodles. This pasta is wider than lasagna. Delicious and filling the stomach.

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Star-fried ingredients and meatballs or bowls, lasagne is perfect for all kinds of dishes. The thick sauce enhances its aroma and gives a pleasant touch.

10. Pasta

Penne pasta is a smaller version of spinal tube pasta. They are also widely used around the world. Various dishes contain pasta. This pasta is a bit soft and suitable for light meals.

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Pasta can be made with different ingredients, you can use macaroni and cheese cheese or mix chicken macaroni with chicken. It is a breakfast product that stores carbohydrates in the body throughout the day.

11. Casters

Rotelles are also known as cartwheel spaghetti because they look like cartwheels. This dish tastes best with salads, but also with pasta in a creamy sauce.

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Since rotelle tastes best as a salad dish, the light sauce goes well with this pasta dish. You can mix vegetables with it to make it even tastier. Plus, if you like, you can pair them with meat and cheese for a savory dish. But pair it with a salad and you'll enjoy its full potential.

12. Macaron Rotini

The small shapes of spiral pasta are called rotini. This pasta dish is the ultimate dish that you can bake or cook to your liking.

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This pasta can be cooked with rich sauces, cheeses or baked in a casserole. If you are a vegetarian, this is an excellent choice as it goes best with vegetables. Additionally, you can add shrimp or meat for extra flavor.

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13. Pasta

Tagliatelle pasta is also ribbon-shaped pasta with an elongated size. As for the width, it is wider than lasagna and shorter than lasagna. This pasta is a really heavy meal.

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Because they are flat and wide, they go well with thick sauces. You can use this pasta for bowl dishes. If you like seafood, this pasta gets an extra flavor when cooked with seafood.

14. Gnocchi

Most pasta is made from wheat, but gnocchi is made from mashed potatoes. A small dollop of mashed potatoes fills it up and is ready to be served. These types of pasta are especially smooth and delicious.

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Gnocchi has the most chewy and smoothest dough of all. Due to the potato content, a spicy sauce is perfect for this pasta. You can use tomato paste or any sauce containing herbs. The only way to cook them is to cook pasta.

15. Rice grains

Due to their shape and size, they are the smallest pasta in the world. Rice grains are as small as rice in size and shape. These types of pasta are great in salads, they can also be added to soups.

Types of pasta and when to use them - Spicy pasta (15)


Because orzo is so small, it can be cooked the same way as other pasta. After boiling water, you can mix it with dressing and prepare salads. But if you want to mix it with chicken or corn soup, feel free. Orzo also tastes good in soups, you can eat them with butter or tomato sauce.

16. Spaghetti

Round, long pasta-shaped pasta is called spaghetti. It is also one of the most popular dishes in the culinary world. People eat this pasta because it goes well with sauces, meats and seafood.

Types of pasta and when to use them - Spicy pasta (16)


Spaghetti spaghetti is a type of noodle-like pasta, but it is also slightly fattier than regular pasta. They are longer than noodles. They are boiled and cooked with tomato sauce or other creamy sauce and are best eaten with meat like chicken, beef, etc. You can also eat seafood with this pasta. They make delicious bowls of noodles and delicious broths.

17. Bucatini

Some people may have trouble choosing between bucatini and spaghetti because they look the same from the outside, but the difference is that bucatini is round and shaped like a small tube.

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If you like a smooth, chewy texture, bucatini can enhance the flavor of your pasta. These long sizes are softer than spaghetti. In addition, this pasta is served with a light sauce and vegetables. But they can be mixed with meat.

18. Macaroni Pasta

This noodle is similar to macaroni, but noodles are round and have ribbed edges while noodles have flat ends and a round center. Also, their noodle size is small and it's a medium sized noodle.

Types of pasta and when to use them - Spicy pasta (18)


Macaroni is a type of pasta that can be baked with cheese. In addition, it can be added to various types of sauces,
For example, cream sauces with mixed vegetables, meat sauces, etc.

19. Cat ears

Orecchiettes are also known as little eared pasta because they look like ears and are small. This pasta tastes best in bowls, you can make many different types of bowls with it.

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This pasta is perfectly matched with a light sauce and soft toppings. Since they are small, soft items, they can fill the remaining space of the pasta. You can also add this broth to pasta.vegetarianI like this pasta very much, you can eat it with vegetables.

20. Macaroni Pasta

This pasta also looks very similar to pasta, but has rounded edges due to the long sides of the pasta. Then there are smooth ridges with holes in the body. Best for baking pasta.

Types of pasta and when to use them - Spicy pasta (20)


Pasta is suitable for sticky products such as cheese. To increase its potential, you can add different types of additives. Since this pasta contains a baked casserole, it is also delicious. In addition to vegetables, meat can also be used as a side dish.

Is pasta a type of pasta?

No, noodles and noodles are two different things. The noodles are usually long and round like hair. Pasta is a smaller version of spaghetti with angel hair. There are many differences between the two items ranging from size, shape and composition.

There are various sizes and shapes of noodles, but the size of noodles is limited, such as oblong, curly, flat, etc. Although both noodles and noodles are made of flour, the process of making them is different. In addition, the pasta contains ground wheat flour.

What is the difference between macaroni and noodles?

They probably look the same and the cooking process is the same. The ingredients make them different. Pasta contains flour and pasta contains durum semolina. It has the highest flour content, noodles are an Asian dish, and ground flour is its common product.

However, it originated in Italy in the past, so the use of low-quality flour in the production of pasta was strictly limited. Therefore, the grade of wheat flour determines the difference between pasta and macaroni.

bottom line

Pasta is a carbohydrate-rich food, but it provides fiber, protein, vitamins and many other valuable nutrients for the body. Since you can eat this food for breakfast, you can also eat it to fill your stomach.

There is no limit of dishes for this dish, you can always use pasta to prepare it. Let's take a look at some of the most popular pasta dishes of this era. We hope that thanks to this you have gained proper knowledge about pasta and its uses.

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