How to Study for the Fourth Grade STAAR Test? (2023) (2023)

How to Study for the Fourth Grade STAAR Test? (2023) (1)

Last updated on January 20, 2023

The STAAR test is a standardized testtestissued to middle and high school students in the state of Texas. The STAAR test not only measures academic achievement and success, but also serves as an objective measure of students' readiness to move on to the next grade.

The first mandatory STAAR test for high school is in the 3rd grade. Thus, students in the 4th grade already have previous experience with the STAAR test. But that doesn't mean they don't feel anxious or anxious ahead of test day.

To help fourth graders take the STAAR test, we've covered everything you need to know about the STAAR test in this guide. We explain what the test involves, how to prepare, sample questions and where to find the best practice materials online.

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What is the STAAR test for grade 4?

The STAAR test, officially called theTexas State Academic Readiness Assessments, is a compulsory test for elementary and high schools in the state of Texas.

The STAAR test serves several purposes:

  • Measures the level of knowledge the student has acquired during the school year
  • Measures whether the student has acquired the minimum knowledge required to actively follow the instruction of the next grade
  • It measures students' academic acceleration by comparing consecutive grades (in this case, 3rd and 4th grade academic achievements).
  • It measures a student's academic achievement relative to their peers

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What STAAR tests do fourth graders take?

4th grade students take the STAAR test in three categories:

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  • mathematics
  • reading
  • Write

The questions on each test capture only topics and lessons taught in the current class.
The test in the 4th grade will of course be a bit more difficult than in the 3rd grade. However, the complexity of the questions is consistent and corresponds to the knowledge they should have acquired in 4th grade.

The following paragraphs cover each category and the topics that the fourth grader should know.

Teste STAAR de matética

The Grade 4 STAAR Test Mathematics Subtest measures the following skills:

  • Read, write and compare integers
  • Read, write and compare decimals
  • operations with fractions
  • Basic integer and decimal operations
  • Multiplication and division patterns and rules
  • Attributes of geometric figures
  • Area, circumference, capacity, weight, temperature and time measurements
  • Collect, organize and interpret data from tables, charts and tables

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The 4th grade STAAR reading test measures student abilities such as:

  • vocabulary development
  • Understand words, their meaning, synonyms or antonyms
  • understanding of passages
  • Understand the meaning behind a passage
  • Understand the message of a passage
  • draw conclusions based on the information provided
  • Make comparisons, find similarities and differences between situations or characters
  • Understand the authors' intention when writing
  • Summarize and distinguish important and unimportant passages

Writing the STAAR test

The STAAR writing test was designed to measure 4th grade students' ability to organize, draft and edit their thoughts and produce coherent, grammatically correct writing.

Some of the skills measured with this test are:

  • Organize your thoughts and ideas
  • develop designs
  • make changes
  • Express your thoughts coherently
  • use of the English language
  • capitalization
  • grammar and spelling
  • spelling rules
  • Establish a main idea and supporting phrases
  • paragraph structure
  • Proper use of punctuation

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How many questions does the Grade 4 STAAR test contain?

The total number of questions varies from year to year. Thus, the minimum number of hits forpassing the examalso varies.

Teste STAAR de matética

The mathematics STAAR consists of a maximum of 45 questions with multiple choice answers. In addition, there are three open-ended answers that require the student to express and explain their own opinion.

Students are not allowed to use calculators to complete the math test. But they can use extra paper to make calculations.

Read STAAR test

The reading portion of the STAAR exam for fourth graders consists of a total of six passages of 600-800 words each. Each ticket has follow-up questions, all related to that ticket. The highest possible total of the questions in the Reading subtest is 44.

In order for the student to answer these questions, he must carefully read and understand each section. But if you forget some details, you can always go back and re-read specific parts of the passage.

Writing the STAAR test

The written portion of the STAAR test consists of three passages of 300 to 500 words each. There are 18 questions in total; six of them for review and 12 for editing. There will also be a writing script at the end asking students to give their opinion or explain a situation.

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To create their response to the prompt, students must think carefully, organize their thoughts, and plan what they will write. You should also make sure they don't make any structural or grammatical mistakes.

Each test is taken on a different day and has a processing time of four hours.

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Sample questions for the 4th grade STAAR test

Teste STAAR de matética

The number of movie tickets sold at a movie theater last year can be written in expanded notation as shown.
(8 x 100.000) + (6 x 1.000)

What is this number written in standard form?
B 86.000
C 806.000
D 8.006.000

  • Della wrote a number:

The digit in the hundredths place is a 4.
The digit in the thousands place is a 7.
The digit in the tenths place is 2.

What number could be the number Della wrote?

F 537.106,24
G 17.420
J 70,24

  • A customer bought almonds and walnuts from a grocery store.

The customer bought 1 pound and 15 ounces of almonds.
The customer also bought 3 pounds and 4 ounces of nuts.

What is the total pounds and ounces of almonds and walnuts that the customer purchased?

A 4 pounds 3 ounces
B 5 pounds 9 ounces
C 4 pounds 11 ounces
D 5 pounds 3 ounces

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Read STAAR test

  • The prefix helps the reader know that the unknown word in paragraph 8 means:

a partially known
B acquaintances together
C known in the past
D not known

What line in the play suggests that Scott disagrees with Amy's opinion of Bella?

TO SCOTT: Do you remember what I told you?
B SCOTT: As far as I can see, the words "avoid" don't come easily to you.
C SCOTT: Also, you're really good at a lot of other things.
D SCOTT: You should keep rapping.

  • What is the most likely reason why the author included the photos in the "Bouncing Around" selection?

Q Trampolining was invented many years ago
G To show that the trampoline can be used for different purposes
H To show that people enjoy watching others trampoline
J To show people performing together on a trampoline

  • Which statement best describes the difference between Cassidy in the article "The Broken-Crayon Solution" and Nissen in the selection "Bouncing Around"?

F Cassidy found it easy to sell his product, but Nissen found it difficult.
G Cassidy initially disliked his invention, but Nissen was initially pleased with his.
H Cassidy got the idea for his invention at a public event, but Nissen came up with the idea at home.
J Cassidy made his product to eliminate waste, but Nissen made his to exercise.

What is the score required to pass the 2023 STAAR test?

The results of the STAAR test are at one of three different levels:

  • Unsatisfactory performance– the student fails the exam
  • satisfactory performance– the student passed the exam with average results
  • Advanced performance– the student has passed the exam with an above-average score

Because the total number of questions for a given grade varies each year, there is no way to accurately indicate the number of correct answers for a passing transcript.

A good rule of thumb is:

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  • At least 50% of the total number of questions must be passed
  • 70%-85% for average results
  • Over 85% correct answers for advanced performance

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STAAR test report and results

The STAAR Bulletin will contain some different results. Most important is the raw score, i.e. the number of correct answers in contrast to the total number of questions.

For the 2021 school year, the minimum and total number of questions were as follows:

  • for math– at least 16 correct answers in 34 questions
  • To read– at least 19 correct answers out of a total of 36
  • Write– at least 17 correct answers out of 32 in total

The next score is called the scale score and provides two comparison results:

  • The horizontal scale score is the peer comparison, i. H. the performance of a particular student compared to their peers;
  • The Vertical Scale Score is a comparison of a student's academic achievement across grades. For example, a fourth grader has grades of 3 and 4, which show how much their performance has improved or deteriorated based on the previous year's results.

The Writing Score report is different and is only awarded to those who take the Writing STAAR test (i.e. grades 4 and 7). On the Essay Grading Report, the score is a sum of the questions answered correctly and the points awarded for the essay requirement made by the student.

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How do I prepare for a Grade 4 STAAR test?

The best way to prepare for the Grade 4 STAAR test is with the help ofOnline-Testvorbereitung. They have over 20 years of experience helping students practice all types of tests across the country.

They are always on the lookout for new trial versions and update their practice materials accordingly. Additionally, by subscribing to the Family Pack, you can track the performance of up to three people while gaining access to thousands of sample test questions for all class types, levels, and ratings. Here you areGrade 10 Star Test PreparationGuide.

Tips for successfully passing the STAAR test

  • If you want to help your child improve their skills in 4th grade, use these tips:
  • Start practicing a few months before the STAAR test
  • Use the practical materials of Test Prep Online
  • Create a study plan
  • Take short breaks every 20 minutes of study
  • Give them positive reinforcement when they learn something or answer correctly.
  • Make learning interesting by creating interesting educational games
  • Objectively look at your strengths and weaknesses and work to reinforce or improve on them

On test days for the Grade 4 STAAR test, help your child by ensuring the following:

  • they are well rested
  • They ate breakfast, drank a lot of water and went to the bathroom
  • They know how to calm themselves with simple breathing techniques.
  • You support them by assuring them that they have practiced and studied for the exam and are ready to pass it.
  • You tell them to answer the questions they are sure about first.
  • They tell them not to spend too much time on a question if they're not sure of the answer.
  • They tell them to answer any questions they are sure about and then return to the unanswered ones.
  • Tell them not to rush the test and use all the testing time they have

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In the state of Texas is theSTAR-TestIt is a compulsory exam that elementary and high school students take at the end of the school year. The test serves to concretize the knowledge of the students in mathematics, reading and writing.

To help your 4th grade student get the best possible results on the STAAR test, use the help ofOnline-Testvorbereitungand our tips.

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